“Zinc changed my life” was what a young 15 years old told me many years after stepping into my clinic in Glasgow.  In fact, she told me that after her consultation, her and her mother cried because at long last they had found someone who listened and understood how she was feeling.

This gorgeous young girl, was one of many teenagers that came to see me at my clinics in Glasgow and London. In this case when she took zinc, she felt calm and her brain was clear for the very first time in her young life.  When she went to school the next day, the teachers commented how bright her eyes looked and how she looked very different.

  • Zinc deficiency is extremely common especially amongst teenagers.
  • Zinc deficiency can be hereditary.
  • Zinc deficiency causes a cloudy brain a brain that daydreams and struggles to concentrate
  • Zinc deficiency causes skin issues for many teenagers because they have insufficient zinc to make insulin to absorb sugar
  • The more sugar that is eaten the more zinc the body requires
  • Zinc deficiency when it causes blood sugar issues also causes mood swings and these can be extremely violent depending upon the diet
  • Zinc deficiency causes low self esteem

Can you recognise any of these symptoms with your child or with yourself for that matter?

Our GPs do not conduct any tests for zinc deficiency. A wise doctor will look out for symptoms but for the majority of my patients nothing has ever been done and the deficiency has continued far too long.

At my clinic I take the health of my patients very seriously conducting tests that are accurate allowing me to identify and resolve deficiencies.

It is important that we take steps as parents to ensure that our children feel the very best they can and often just supplementing zinc can make an enormous and life changing difference!




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