What triggers cystic acne?

Currently the majority of health practitioners are working with they theory that all acne is caused by blocked pores caused by excess sebum.  This is not science led but simply a theory that everyone seems to continue to run with.

At my clinic I work with cystic acne on a regular basis and it is not caused by excess sebum. 

So…what triggers cystic acne?

Cystic acne comes from problems within the stomach.  The stomach should make two forms of acid. For many acne patients their stomach can only make one. This means that food is not being absorbed correctly and that acids left over from food remain in the stomach. Food thereafter starts to ferment in the stomach instead of being digested and this can cause many large spots around and under the jawline.  

For other acne patients their stomachs can make two forms of acid but due to the bad choice of high acid foods such as fizzy drinks, caffeine, spicy foods and high fat foods, their stomach makes too much of one type of acid thus they start to feel a burning in their stomach and burp after eating, experience bloating and coughing and red spots appearing on their cheeks. 

How can cystic acne be avoided?

At my clinic I educate my patients as to how their stomach works. I identify what acids their stomach is making and thus resolve cystic acne quickly and naturally.

Currently dermatologists are using antibiotics and steroids to treat cystic acne. Antibiotics do not work because these spots do not contain pus. Steroids do not work because they do not address the root cause of the acne which lies within the workings of the stomach,

The cause of cystic acne is not the same for each patient hence I work on a consultation basis. Once the cause of cystic acne has been identified it can be resolved within 1-4 weeks.



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A revolutionary approach to acne

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