Finding the solution for acne

The first step to finding the solution for acne is to understand that there are no miracle cures that cure acne for everyone despite people coming out promoting certain creams lotions, drugs, and supplements.

Acne is big business. Few people truly understand acne. Some people have cured their own acne and feel they have the solution for acne based solely on what they did to cure their own. These people have never conducted sufficient research to learn that there are many different causes of acne. They are trying to be helpful but they are only adding to the confusion that exists.

Many acne websites are set up just to get advertising links. Many other acne websites are set up copying information from unreliable sources thus creating even more confusion.

Never have I seen a health topic so badly understood. This comes directly from the fact that very little research has ever been conducted into the cause of acne.

Everyone keeps looking for one solution for acne – confusion leads to acne sufferers spending unnecessary money on acne products. The process continues generation after generation.

Many doctors are honest enough to admit they do not understand acne but they have no option but to continue to prescribe drugs that may work for a short amount of time but in reality the doctor knows that you will be back again. Many doctors who have sought my help for their own acne are truly at a loss because they do not understand the solution for acne because they do not understand the cause.

Some facts to help you to find the solution for acne…

  1. What causes acne can differ from person to person
  2. Many types of acne are hereditary caused by mineral deficiencies – these can be corrected
  3. Cystic acne can be caused by eating high acid foods which creates internal inflammation BUT often this has been caused by mineral deficiencies that has stopped the stomach from producing the correct form of acid
  4. Certain spots that appear on the forehead and cheeks can be caused by blood sugar issues. Blood sugar  issues can relate to diet but in most cases from severe deficiences of the nutrients the body needs to balance hormones to allow blood sugar to be absorbed and balanced.Bloating is often a symptom of a severe deficiency.
  5. Some times a certain type of spot can be cleared and later another type of spot can appear somewhere else. This is confusing for some people who are looking for one solution for acne. Always remember that spots are your body’s way to let you know that there is a problem. For some acne patients they have one issue, but more often they have several and each have to be addressed. Some times I clear a patients skin only for another type of spot to appear later on, with a couple of adjustments these spots can be cleared simply.
  6. Cystic acne is the only form of acne that causes scarring because of the acidic solution of the content of the spot. What the body is excreting burns the skin. Cystic acne is not caused by excess hormones.
  7. One type of spot does not turn into another type of spot. On this basis cystic acne is not caused by blocked sebum. 
  8. If childhood symptoms such as stomach issues, constant ear and throat infections, travel sickness, anxiety, poor attention span were addressed properly by our GPs, by identifying the missing nutrients, acne could be avoided.
  9. Whilst I understand the thought process that hormones cause teenage acne, in reality this is not the case. Hormones being produced by the adrenal glands simply highlight the poor health of the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands do a lot more than simply regulate hormones during puberty.
  10. Whilst I understand that for many women acne gets worse during period time,  acne is in fact not caused by hormones (as such) but instead by the hormones heating up the blood. This highlights that the blood does not have sufficient nutrients to keep the blood alkaline. When the blood is cooled down spots stop.
  11. For some patients, acne can be cleared very quickly. For other patients it can take a little more time and in some cases one type of spot has to be cleared at a time due to the severe health issues that have been caused by doctors failing to address childhood health issues. 
  12. If you are working with a health practitioner who believes that all acne has the one cause this is a sure sign that this person has failed to understand acne in all its forms.


Fresh Approach To Acne Treatment

Fresh Approach To Acne Treatment

Elaine Mummery offers a new and refreshing approach to clearing skin


"The research you are doing is unparalleled, and I've no doubt that it will be very readily received.  There are so many people who suffer these problems and who are never fortunate enough to find a practitioner with the right expertise - and who doesn't peddle pills - to cure it." Fiona, Glasgow

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Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic

Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic

Having had clinics in both Glasgow and London spanning over 12 years, Elaine Mummery now works  in France.  She continues to offer a limited number of Skype/Facetime consultations each month.