How to Stop Period Acne – A Simple Explanation You Can Put Into Effect Straight Away

At my clinic I like to keep health matters simple – I find that when I start talking medical lingo people knock off – so I note below a very simple explanation as to what causes period acne and some very easy steps to stop period acne.

Hormones produced pre-period have the same effect on the blood as puberty for teenagers. Simply put – hormones heat up the blood.

There are specific minerals that cool down the blood and there are minerals that clean the blood.  Acne for many people especially pre-period is a clear indication that the body does not have enough of the specific minerals required to cool down the blood.

Even without this deeper knowledge, there are some great ways to stop period acne. Just keep your blood cool!

Simple Ways to Keep your Blood Cool to Avoid Period Acne

  • Have a cool shower rather than a hot shower or hot bath
  • Put a cap full of aloe vera into a glass of water and drink it 3-4 x a day.
  • Swap hot drinks for room temperature water
  • Avoid alcohol which heats up your blood
  • Ideally avoid hot spicy foods
  • If spots are appearing after your meal, take one capful of aloe vera before and after eating to neutralise the acid in the food
  • Avoid chocolate and other sugary treats that heat up your blood
  • Eat more salad and raw vegetables to cool down your blood
  • Do some deep breathing exercises to reduce stress thus allowing your blood to function better

Small red spots at the side of the chin or on the top of the cheek bones are the first signs of hot blood.  If these appear, get onto the above plan with immediate effect and your period acne will clear quickly.

Some women are more prone to period acne than others. This relates to the health of the stomach, the diet and the extent of the deficiencies.

At our clinic we identify the missing minerals and create balance to allow our patients to enjoy clear skin long-term.




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