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_DSC8238cropcrSmall-1Welcome! My name is Elaine Mummery, I am a nutritionist who specialises in the natural treatment of acne.

My natural treatment of acne process came about after spending 15 years studying the subject. I dedicated my spare time to study a subject that was surrounded with confusion. My studies resulted in my first book Spotless – The Essential Guide to Getting Rid of Spots and Acne.

During the time that I was writing I was also consulting but in a small scale. When my book was completed and my clinic started to grow, I realised that my studies had to be resumed because what I was seeing with my patients was very different to what I had studied. In reality there were no real studies that offered me the information that I needed to clear skin for each one of my patients. I was only able to clear skin for around half and improve skin for the remainder. In some cases despite trying everything I knew there was little improvement. I had no option but to go back to basics and start my own research/studies.

With each patient I logged the type of spots that were appearing, where they were appearing, their diet, what acne drugs and skincare products they had tried already and any other health issues. I continued to study and found doctors who had conducted independent studies on stomach health and doctors who worked with hair testing to uncover mineral deficiencies. Little by little I was clearing the skin for more and more patients.  At times there were still patients whose skin I could only improve but never clear.  These were the patients whose files sat on my desk until I was able to find a solution.

What I uncovered was that a) the NHS belief of what causes acne was based upon a theory b) I disproved the theory time and time again. It was clear to me that there had been, and continues to be no real studies conducted into the cause of acne. This explains the conflicting advice you will find online as to how to treat acne.

The truth is what causes acne can differ from person to person.

It is unfortunate that the medical world opt to treat symptoms as opposed to treating the body has a whole. Acne is viewed as a hormonal or bacterial problem and drugs are prescribed to treat this. In reality the cause of acne goes far deeper than this. The majority of my patients are deficient of many essential nutrients and yet their doctors do not test for these because it is not how they are trained to treat acne. This is the reason why after using these drugs most acne sufferers will have a reoccurrence of acne.

It is widely recognised that pharmaceutical drugs come with side effects. The reason is due to the fact that these drugs are toxic to the body. They may solve one problem but often they cause a whole lot more. Opting therefore to treat acne naturally should be the doctors first port of call.  This simply is not the case currently.

The medical world is divided

Instead many doctors view the natural treatment of acne approach  as ‘unscientific’ or ‘quackery’. It is unfortunate that the training provided to our doctors concentrate on the use of man made drugs rather  any natural approaches. The doctors that I have worked with confirm that they receive very little education about nutrition.  Some of these doctors, in order to provide a more balanced approach to medicine, have had no option but to leave mainstream practices and go private.

Yet, medical science tells us that for the body to work efficiently it must have vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Scientists have provided us with the symptoms that appear when the body is missing certain nutrients. Science has also provided us with the long term consequences of the body being deficient of nutrients as well as providing us with data that allows us to ascertain correctly what nutrients the body is missing.

So why is it when I ask my patients to visit their GP for a blood test for Iron, B12 and Vitamin D that they often refuse?  When these patients have to go privately to attain results they are often extremely deficient of one or all of these vital nutrients and this is playing a part in their health problems. The same health issues they have been asking their GP to help them with.

The benefits to opting for a natural treatment to acne

At my clinic I work with hair analysis. I work with this to allow me to see the mineral base of my patient, which in turn tells me many things about their health. Along with the blood tests I am then able to ascertain the cause of their acne and provide them with a natural treatment of acne skincare plan to rectify deficiencies and the damage to their body caused by their deficiencies.

I ask therefore, why are our doctors not providing the same information?  Why do they continually start with medicated lotions that continue to get stronger and more damaging to the skin before moving onto numerous courses of antibiotics, the contraceptive pill, Roaccutane and steroids.  All of these drugs damage the body in some way. None of these drugs address the root cause of acne.

I started an acne clinic simply to educate my patients on the cause of their acne and to provide them with the knowledge to allow them to clear their skin naturally.  Each patient therefore learns to understand the root cause of their acne. Understanding the actual cause of their acne allows them to also fix other health issues that can accompany acne.

I am a firm believer in medicine but only medicine that is natural to the body; medicine that allows the body to repair itself without unwanted side effects. If you are looking to treat the root cause of your acne, then by all means get in touch.I am in the process of writing an updated book based upon my own research but it is a slow task because my clinic continues to keep me very busy.

I closed my clinics in Glasgow and London in 2013 as I opted for a quieter life and moved my family to France.  I still continue to consult as the majority of my patients are referrals from previous patients. New patients do need to speak with me however via Skype or Facetime.

With very best wishes

Elaine Mummery


Fresh Approach To Acne Treatment

Fresh Approach To Acne Treatment

Elaine Mummery offers a new and refreshing approach to clearing skin


"The research you are doing is unparalleled, and I've no doubt that it will be very readily received.  There are so many people who suffer these problems and who are never fortunate enough to find a practitioner with the right expertise - and who doesn't peddle pills - to cure it." Fiona, Glasgow

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Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic

Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic

Having had clinics in both Glasgow and London spanning over 10 years, Elaine Mummery now works from her home in France.  She continues to offer a limited number of Skype/Facetime consultations each month.