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Elaine is currently providing information on how to clear acne on her You Tube Channel

In these presentations, Elaine explains why the cause of acne can differ from person to person; but gives advice on how to identify spots and how to go on to treat acne naturally.  Acne is a health symptom that should be treated by a professional health practitioner. It can be very difficult to clear acne without a good understanding of the workings of the digestive system especially the workings of the stomach along with the body’s use of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

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Listen to acne expert Elaine Mummery, as she talks to BBC 2 presenter, Zoe Ball.

Elaine Mummery talks to BBC Radio Scotland’s Fred MacAulay on what can cause acne and how diet and acne are related. Find out more about the Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic.

View the Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic channel on YouTube. Click here to view.

From Take a Break magazine, October 2009. (Click to view larger image)

acne expert elaine mummery

Links to Elaine Mummery talking to the press on how to get rid of acne safely

Interview with BBC News Health where Elaine talk about how to get rid of acne. Click here to view the interview.

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Interview on Easier Lifestyle website.  Read Elaine’s expert acne advice at this link.

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Fresh Approach To Acne Treatment

Fresh Approach To Acne Treatment

Elaine Mummery offers a new and refreshing approach to clearing skin


"The research you are doing is unparalleled, and I've no doubt that it will be very readily received.  There are so many people who suffer these problems and who are never fortunate enough to find a practitioner with the right expertise - and who doesn't peddle pills - to cure it." Fiona, Glasgow

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Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic

Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic

Having had clinics in both Glasgow and London spanning over 12 years, Elaine Mummery now works  in France.  She continues to offer a limited number of Skype/Facetime consultations each month.