One day you feel visible to people and the next day you feel invisible?

This article relates to low self esteem.  Low self esteem only on certain days. If you want to learn to regulate your moods and have a great day every day then I suggest that you have a read.  In reality its pretty easy for most people to fix.  First though, lets see if you can identify with this…

You feel fabulous like you could take on the world – High self-esteem!

You wake up in the morning and feel great. You check yourself in the mirror and have the face you want, bright eyes, good skin and you know that today is going to be a great day.  You look into your wardrobe and know that you would look amazing in any of your clothes. You select what you want to wear and are very happy with what you see in the mirror,  What a day you are going to have!! Full of confidence and for once you do not feel invisible.

If you could find a way to feel like this every day you would accomplish so much more with your life. The problem is that you cannot regulate it.

You spend the whole day analysing your face and your body – continually finding faults – low self esteem?

You wake up in the morning and check the mirror, eyes are dull, skin does not look great. You feel anxious, a little irritable and maybe a little angry too. You look in your wardrobe and hate everything. Your wardrobe does not contain one single item of clothing that makes you feel good. You want to put everything into the trash. Finally you find something that you bought recently and feel not so bad.  You check the mirror. You feel bad about yourself today. You start to analyse your body, your clothes and your face. You think maybe you need some cosmetic surgery, you start to find fault with every aspect of yourself.  Today you are going to be going into the world invisible, slightly paranoid and very self aware.

If you can relate to this, I want to explain to you why this happens.


If you want to learn to feel great every day and avoid low self esteem, you need to regulate your blood sugar.  Here are some very simple steps to take:

  • Limit your intake of carbs, sugar, alcohol
  • Only have carbs, sugar, alcohol if you have fat and protein in your stomach.  For example, why does a cooked breakfast often fix a hang over?? because it is high in fat and protein which regulates all the sugar in your blood, allowing you to feel better.
  • Eat as soon as you get up – a breakfast such as eggs on toast with a/2 avocado is a far better option than a bowl of cereals.
  • Each meal should contain a small amount of carbs, protein and fat in this way you can slow down the amount of glucose going into your blood – you need to avoid blood sugar highs and lows!!
  • Make sure you eat before bed especially if you find it difficult to get to sleep – a full fat yoghurt can often be enough to allow a good nights sleep
  • If you are waking up a lot during the night or have dreams where things just keep going wrong or you are eating cakes in your dream these are indications that your blood sugar has dropped – get up and eat something containing fat and you will feel much better and be able to go back to sleep
  • Often blood sugar issues come from a deficiency in specific nutrients such as chromium, zinc, manganese, inositol and when these are identified and corrected you feel great every day. At my clinic I work with hair tests to identify and correct deficiencies as I work to make every patient feel great. Blood tests do not identify these deficiencies.






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Fresh Approach To Acne Treatment

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