Do you want to learn how to overcome low self esteem?

One day you feel visible to people and the next day you feel invisible and want to hide in a cupboard.  If you want to learn to regulate your moods and have a great day every day then let me show you what I have learned from working with well over 1000 patients.  

Do you spend the whole day analysing your face and your body – continually finding faults?

You wake up in the morning and check the mirror, eyes are dull, skin does not look great. You feel anxious, a little irritable and maybe a little angry too. You look in your wardrobe and hate everything. Your wardrobe does not contain one single item of clothing that makes you feel good. You want to put everything into the trash. Finally you find something that you bought recently and feel not so bad.  You check the mirror. You feel bad about yourself today. You start to analyse your body, your clothes and your face. You think maybe you need some cosmetic surgery, you start to find fault with every aspect of yourself.  Today you are going to be going into the world invisible, slightly paranoid and very self aware.

If you can relate to this, I want to explain to you why this happens.

How to overcome low self esteem – REGULATE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR

If you want to learn to feel great every day and avoid low self esteem, you need to regulate your blood sugar.  Here are some very simple steps to take:

  • Eat as soon as you wake up 
  • Skip the sugary cereals and eat some eggs or cheese on toast – protein and fat with carbs helps to regulate your blood sugar thus your moods whereas sugar sends your moods into another dimension
  • Eat regularly throughout the day – again always fat, protein and carbs. Skip the chocolate bar or the fruit smoothie – these are all just sugar causing you to feel awful
  • Drink water through the day – skip the fizzy drinks, caffeine and sugar – water cleans the blood thus washing out excess insulin and making you feel better 
  • Eat before going to bed – a full fat yoghurt can make all the difference between sleeping all night or waking up unable to turn back over to sleep again – whiteheads to the side of your nose or on your lips indicate that your blood sugar has dropped too much overnight – just a full fat yoghurt can stop this from happening
  • Try to avoid high levels of carbs ie plates of chips, pasta, rice meals or high levels of alcohol – this sends your blood sugar into space – tone it down – eat before going out on the town – when you have a chance eat nuts or cheese with alcohol this slows down the sugar going into your bloodstream

How to overcome low self esteem – learn how to avoid stress

  • Do not get involved in other peoples lives – concentrate on your own and your own close family
  • Always be kind – do not let other people get you down – reacting with kindness is often a far better solution to resolving an issue
  • Magnesium is a mineral that calms the muscles including the brain. Taking 3 x 300mg magnesium during the day can reduce stress quickly. 
  • Siberian ginseng, vitamin C and Vitamin B5 can also help to reduce stress
  • People with poorly functioning adrenal glands suffer more severely from stress than people with healthy adrenal glands







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A revolutionary approach to acne

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Elaine Mummery

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