How can we help low performing students?

Low performing students often have other issues such as mood swings, depression, problems sleeping, social anxiety, nervousness and low self esteem that they seldom if ever talk about.  Even if they did talk about it who is listening and who is offering support and advice to resolve these issues?

I was one of these low performing students and I want to share with you what a typical week was like in my life as a teenager.

Let me share my own experience at school – maybe you can relate to this

I did not know how I would feel when I would get up in the morning. Some days I would feel great and have no problems going to school, my concentration was good and I enjoyed being with other people and felt comfortable within myself. Other days were very different. I had problems sleeping. Sometimes I could not even get to school because I hadn’t slept all night so would have to make out that I was ill to get a day off.  Other days I would wake up feeling bad about myself, I hated my reflection in the mirror, I felt uncomfortable in my school clothes and often refused to wear my uniform and wore other clothes. I was so self aware that I could not concentrate at school. I could not speak to anyone and would hide at break time. I would often forget I had homework because I could not access my mind to remember such things.  No one understood. Some days it was so difficult just to be me never mind having to go to school. I skipped school a lot. Despite this I did get good enough grades because on the days that I felt good and I could access my brain I made up for lost time.

I had constant ear and throat infections, glandular fever on two occasions and despite visiting my doctor, the homeopath hospital and several naturopaths on numerous occasions, not one of these practitioners was able to understand or resolve my health issues. As a practitioner I specialise in improving teenage health with or without acne. I do not see any improvement currently in the way GPs are treating teenagers. I often cannot get GPs to agree to a simple blood test for my patients.

Teenagers do not know how they should feel 

If I spoke to anyone about how I was feeling I was told it was my hormones. What kind of an explanation is that? I find that bad health practitioners always blame genetics or hormones – it lets them off with explaining anything because the truth is they do not know themselves. 

How can we help low achievers ? – Some easy /positive steps 

  • During puberty the adrenal glands are responsible for the production of puberty hormones.
  • Many children have been born with poorly functioning adrenal glands and this causes problems with acid v alkaline – a teenager with poorly functioning adrenal glands will have more health issues during puberty than one with healthy adrenal glands
  • Hormones heat up the blood – hormones in themselves do not cause any form of acne 
  • Check out your fingernails – do they have any white spots ? This is a clear indication of zinc deficiency. The body needs a lot of zinc during puberty. A lack of zinc creates mood swings and sleep issues as well as skin problems.
  • If you feel tired all the time ou are more likely to have a cloudy brain which causes concentration issues: speak with your parents about seeing your GP for a blood test for Iron, B12 and Vitamin D
  • You may have an underachieve thyroid. Sometimes just taking 400mg of selenium each day for 20 days can be enough to make you feel energised as selenium is the battery that runs the thyroid gland. One of the main symptoms are slow movements and thoughts.
  • If you feel that you are always angry and nervous, you could try taking 600mg of magnesium each day before bed and see if this relaxes you.  The majority of my patient are severely deficient of magnesium. Magnesium is essential to calm and relax muscles including the brain.
  • Never skip a meal. Breakfast stabilises your blood sugar and allows the brain to work first thing in the morning. A breakfast should include fat, protein and carbs so for example, skip the sugary cereals and instead have eggs on toast with cheese or avocado or simply cream cheese on toast if you are in a hurry. 
  • If you are always getting whiteheads at the side of your nose or on your lips, skip eating sugar on its own. Fruit smoothies are not any better for your blood than doughnuts for breakfast unless you add some fat. Good snacks include nuts with fruit, yoghurt, cheese sandwich etc. Think fat to slow down sugar from entering your bloodstream.
  • Consider taking a good quality multi vitamin each day with breakfast especially a good idea if you are a fussy eater.
  • These simple steps can make a huge difference and turn a low achiever into a high achiever very quickly.

Currently GPs do not conduct any tests to isolate if zinc or selenium is lacking. A hair test by Trace Minerals does provide this information and it is a worthwhile test for any low achievers.  You are welcome to contact me to discuss this. 

Symptoms of how a low achiever can feel also include:

  • Confusion | Brain fog | low achiever
  • Lack of energy | motivation
  • Slow movements and thoughts
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Muscle cramps
  • Temper issues
  • Muscle aches and weakness
  • Brittle nails
  • Brittle dry hair
  • Pins and needles
  • Motion sickness
  • Low self esteem
  • Over analysing
  • Flaky skin around chin area
  • Small hard spots sprinkled over forehead and or cheeks| skin congestion




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