It is often a leap of faith for someone to book a consultation with me because how I treat acne is completely different to anything else that is offered. I am proud and happy to say that after 12 years of working at my clinic, the majority of my patients are referrals. To be able to help a patient to achieve clear and healthy skin as well as the bonus of resolving ongoing health issues is something that never fails to give me pleasure.  My patients regularly email in their thanks (only a few ever end up on this page when I have the time to add them) and I continue to receive beautiful gifts – my work is a joy and I want to share with you some of the thoughts from the patients who  have come to see me. With warm wishes Elaine Mummery.

“I hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and expertise. You really have helped me out and my skin looks better then it has in ages.  Im not paranoid about it any more at last. I doubt you need it but am happy to do a testimonial for your site etc if you do them. Thanks a million! ” Charlie

“Thank you so much for your help! It really has transformed my life :)” Lorna x

“Thank you so much Elaine, that is great. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too. 
Just wanted to also say my period pain has got better and better and so far this month so far I have had no pain at all, which is a miracle, as have relied on the pill for over ten years to control the pain, which used to include vomiting. Thank you so much for all your help.” Emma, London

“I am doing well! Feeling really good…overall feel so much better than I did before I started this journey with you. My skin is looking good! Still the odd red spot, but I am trying so hard to make sure I am eating properly. Thank you for everything so far.  I have enormous confidence in you.All best and thank you so much for everything.” Rosie X

“I had just about given up hope of finding someone like you Elaine. My skin is so much better but better than that is how I feel. I feel fantastic. I sleep better and my stomach does not ache anymore after I eat. Everyone has commented at work on how well I look. Thank you very much.” Liza, London

“I think the work you do is amazing and really makes a difference to peoples lives.”

“I am just on my way back from a 2 week break and my skin is looking good! It usually goes worse in hot climates but this time it has stabilised and cleared up since before I left. I have not touched caffeine since we spoke and my energy is much better. It is amazing how different I feel just having clearer skin, it is probably the best it has been in a very long time.” Sonali, London

“I religiously followed the diet/supplement plan. Fortunately, my skin is responding very well to the treatment with your recommendations. I would like to thank you immensely for your promptness and support.  I feel good under my skin now although I still have scars left on the chin. I will send you a picture of my better looking skin in a few days.” Dipti, London

“I want to thank you as (my sister) is just so over the moon happy with the results that she has had with you! She has been telling me to book a consultation with you for a while but I have been hesitant as I live in Australia…”  Kirsten, Australia

“Thank you for all your help, over the years with (my daughters) skin. You truly changed her life. It was such a difficult time and having gone through so many different options desperate to find answers, I will never forget the day (my daughter)  and I walked out our consultation with you and were in tears, not only did you listen to us you cared . Your advice was a break through.” Claire, Edinburgh

“I sleep better, I do not get bloating when I eat but most of all I have stopped getting all the horrid spots. I did not realise that my ongoing tiredness related to my skin. Everyone needs to know about this advice and I hope you manage to finish your book soon.” Much love and best wishes, Sonja, Cornwall

Dear Elaine,my son came to you 4 years ago in London and his skin has remained clear since following your advice. He is now 17 with spotless,unblemished skin and masses of confidence.. his diet is amazing so we have alot to thank you for. Anna, London

“You are doing a great work Elaine. My skin is so much clearer and I have so much more energy. It has been interesting working with you as you have taught me so much and this has benefited me in many ways. I now sleep like an angel, I can cope far better with stress and my brain is clear to allow me to continue with my studies.  I can retain information much better now and my eyes too are clear whereas before they were always dry and sore and sometimes streaming. I am very grateful. Thank you.” Patricia, NYC.

 “I’m sitting here thinking how amazing it is that my face is so soft.  I don’t remember the texture ever having been so good.  Thank you Elaine for all your help!  I can’t believe what a journey this has been – I’ve learned so many interesting things, and I am feeling great.  Really it’s not about the skin any more – these changes have brought about a more holistic way of thinking about the effects of food, internal chemical reactions and cleansing. Wishing you a very happy holiday.  Also best of luck with re-writing your book.  Please let me know when it is ready.  I’d LOVE to read it. The research you are doing is unparalleled, and I’ve no doubt that it will be very readily received.  There are so many people who suffer these problems and who are never fortunate enough to find a practitioner with the right expertise – and who doesn’t peddle pills – to cure it.” Fiona, Glasgow

“I want to thank you for all your years of research, you have no idea how what you have told me has changed my life. Coming to see you was a decision I will always be happy with. I tell everyone about you.  With love Aybline, York

“Thank you with all my heart for your patience. I know that I have been an extremely difficult case to cure but you have stuck by me and I am now feeling so much better and look better too. My eyes sparkle, I have energy, I am not anxious anymore. My head is clear and I can accomplish so much more and best of all I do not have to continually look in the mirror.” Sara, London

 “From the moment I made contact with you, I knew I had made the right decision. I have enjoyed working with you Elaine and have learned so much, my skin is so much better and I feel so much better to. You are doing a great job.” Yvonne, London

“Your work transformed my skin and my life”

“I just wanted to write you a mail on how incredible i found last year to be in terms your work and how it transformed my skin and my life. A thank you seems weightless in comparison. You taught me the importance of diet – in a healthy, sustained and nourishing way.  Incredible knowledge. My skin is basically spotless now, Im so happy. I recommend you to literally everyone and hope you get some referrals from me… you were life changing, thank you a million times.” All love H. London

“Skin is so perfect and glowing now”

 “Just wanted to let you know, I just returned from my holidays, and all these months of work with vitamins + the sea holidays made magic, the skin is so perfect and glowing now, I haven’t had such wonderful skin for many years.Thank you again for your help =)”, Regards, Alexander, Russia

“Depression I always put down to my acne but understanding what has happened in my childhood and the tremendous stress I was under when my parents split up has helped me to realise the damage this did to my body and the consequences of stress. Just being able to get a good nights sleep is unbelievable and I feel so much more relaxed since following your plan and of course my skin too is better. I will certainly learn from what happened to me as a child and ensure my children have a stress free childhood as my health and skin issues ruined my teenage life. Thanks for your invaluable advice and support.” Amina, London

 “I can’t thank you enough for the advice you have given me, I continue to recommend you to everyone!” Louise, Cornwall

“skin condition improved dramatically”

“My general skin condition has improved dramatically since the start of the treatment.” Henry, London

 (Henry’s mum) “Henry’s skin is looking marvellous as you can see in the attachment. He doesn’t have any of the large spots anymore and his back is completely clear apart from the scaring….he is a lot brighter in himself and so much more confident. He also did really well in his AS results which we think is because of sleeping better and not having the fizziness. WE would really like to thank you for doing all this for him and would recommend your programme to anyone. You did a really good job.”

“My skin has vastly improved”

“Just wanted to show my appreciation of your support and kindness and tons of patience! (gift enclosed) shown to me whilst trying to sort my problem skin. I’m pleased to say it has vastly improved.” Gaenor, Wales

 “I feel so much better now, I did not appreciate that skin and my health problems were related.” Craig, London

“My skin is so much better after 3 weeks of following your treatment plan to the point that I can go to work most days with no make-up on, which is a first for me.” Karen, London

 “I cannot thank Elaine enough for all her help, patience, knowledge and time. It has been a long journey of trying things, and working out what was causing my spots, but finally my skin and mentality has transformed. I feel so much happier and relaxed and myself again. I was willing to try everything Elaine recommended and totally trusted her advice. She has so much knowledge, not only about skin but about the whole body and how everything is connected. I also have a greater awareness of what is going on with my body, and a much healthier lifestyle. Elaine’s dedication to her clients and sorting out their individual issues is amazing and she would always get back to me when I e-mailed her (and that was a lot!) I always knew she was there to support and help me and that really helped me get through the ‘skin journey,’ especially after I had tried almost everything and nothing had worked. I was feeling very anxious and worried that it would never get better until I met Elaine. I have recommended her to other people and will continue to do so. I’m just so glad I heard about Elaine and went down the natural route as now I feel my body is finally balanced, and how it should be, without any medication or chemicals which are only a short term answer. Thank you Elaine! Catrin, London”

“I know I’m not out of the woods yet but even how I felt the other day, being happier again, having more energy, just being able to focus and actually get things done when I set my mind to do them instead of everything feeling overwhelming and not being able to think straight was like a revelation to me after all this time. I realised I’d been feeling so bad for so long that I’d almost accepted it as normal and didn’t know what it was just to feel ok like that. It feels like a massive improvement already.” Jill, Falkirk

 “Such great news today, (my daughters) friends said to her, “your eyes are looking so bright” and they are, really blue pupils and her whites are much clearer and brighter.Also her maths teacher asked her to stay behind after her lesson and told (my daughter) she has seen such a difference in her recently, really concentrating and doing exceptionally well. She has told (my daughter) if she continues the way she is she expects her to get an A in her GCSE! After (my daughter) told me this today she also said that she now feels so alert and happy and has never felt this good ever in her life! I’ve read all the comments that your clients have left on your website and (my daughter) and I would love to add another glowing testimonial. I can’t thank you enough Elaine (my daughter) is changing for the better every day 🙂 Claire, Edinburgh

“its made a huge difference”

“Its made a huge difference, huge improvements in mental clarity and my skin is really settling down. Thanks so much, you have no idea how much it would mean to me being able to get rid of Brain Fog AND Spots.” Ben, Somerset

 “I was expecting you to say that my skin would get worse before it got better but within a week my skin was clearing… your advice has been easy to follow and you have always been there to answer my questions…you provide a unique service one that everyone should be aware of.” Iain, Edinburgh

“I am so grateful to you Elaine for all your research and your dedication to your work, I no longer struggle to think and having a clear head has made me as happy as having clear skin, I never realised that these were related so I understand why you say that acne is not a skin disease. I have more energy than ever and I feel amazing. There is no way in this world I could have discovered that you have despite the fact that I have read so many acne books. I am thankful that I am now able to eat everything I want to as I truly thought initially that you were going to put me on a strange diet and was so thankful when you didn’t. Thank you again for everything.” Sally, London

“The overall improvement is significant”

 “Many thanks again Elaine, the overall improvement is significant, so much more than any of the anti-biotics have manged in over 12 months and we really are very grateful.” Janis, Glasgow

“I couldn’t be happier with the Skin Care Plan given to me by Elaine. It is without doubt the only treatment that has not only prevented acne in the short term, but also stopped me getting breakouts of any form in the long term. Elaine’s approach is refreshing, forward-thing, and unfailingly supportive at every point during the treatment. If ever I had a question I would receive a reply within a matter of hours. For me one of the cornerstones of Elaine’s treatment is that by listening to her advise, and seeing the results first hand, you willingly make lifestyle choices that improve your general well being no end. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Elaine’s treatment; her natural approach is completely safe and in the long term will save you a lot of money. Most importantly, the treatment educates you as to the real cause of acne, helping you to achieve a healthier lifestyle with no end of benefits.” Charlie, Avon

 “You have been the most informative, eye opening and worthwhile investment I have ever made. thank you so much for all your support, advice and care.” Fiona, London

“My daughter’s skin is so much improved since we started your programme and noticably she has hardly been to the osteopath whereas before she was suffering from muscle/joint pain regularly. We are really happy with your service and will highly recommend it.” Shirley, Ireland

 ” I cannot thank you enough for your time and fantastic advice. I feel I am taking control of much more than just my skin and it really is thanks to you!” Claire, Glasgow

You have been a delight, extraordinary in fact. Recommend you to all my friends. Thank you for teaching me health skills and body awareness as well as clear skin.” Juliet, London

“I wanted to drop you a note to tell you about my delight with my new skin! While I still get spots occasionally, the cysts that fester under the surface have become rare.  Moreover, when I do get them, I am able to pinpoint exactly what I have eaten that has caused them.  This really makes it much easier to keep them under control. Another significant change is that I have been able to stop using a heavy foundation.  I bought Clinique’s BB cream which offers enough coverage of the scar tissue which remains.  I am so delighted not to have to use a thick coverage foundation and concealer! I’m sure you’ll be as delighted as I am with this progress – thank you for all your research!” Fiona, Glasgow

“I tried eating apples for 3 days, how I laugh back on that, now that I know what was causing my acne this seems like a ridiculous thing to have done but you know how it is you try everything. It is a shame that there is so much incorrect information about acne on the web. I too agree that acne should be treated like a proper health problem instead of being passed off as a hormone/teenage problem. I admire you for your approach, without it I would have continued to have gone round and round in circles. Truly amazing and I also thank you for making me understand how I work, hadn’t a clue before what was going on inside of my body, again a different approach than most health people.” Luke, Cambridge

“The care and attention that you have provided me with has been outstanding. You are so passionate about what you do and this comes across in the way you have responded to each and every one of my emails. The knowledge that you have is incredible. Thank you very much. I will recommend you to everyone I see with acne.”  Sara, London

“Really very pleased Elaine, my general skin condition has improved greatly”. Gary, London

The way in which you have approached the management of acne, is in many ways more similar to the techniques physicians who founded medicine would have used: by trying to see patterns of behaviour or diet which bring about a common result (a particular type of spot), and then trying to target this in it’s treatment. As both a doctor and an acne suffer I can see both sides of the coin, so to speak – but the important thing for me, as both, is results! On a personal basis it is a real joy to have very clear skin for the first time in my adult life.” Dr M, Glasgow

“Yes my cheeks have finally settled… Even feeling that I dont need to wear as much make up now to cover up the spots has boosted my confidence! Thanks for all your help Jo, Isle of Bute

“I want to thank you very much for helping to rid my face of spots it was the best money i have ever spent i am just over-joyed i can enjoy my life far better than i did before.” Natalie, Aberdeen

“My skin has improved significantly”

“Just wanted to say thank you very much for your help. My skin has improved signficantly – haven’t got any big cysts recently and the spots have reduced…I haven’t felt so good about myself in a very long time. A few people have also commented on how good I look. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done – I still can’t believe how easy it can be to fix acne! It’s been only 2 months since I saw you compared to more than half my life I have spent trying to resolve this! I have been telling the whole world about you – you’re a star! I wish you all the best with educating the world (including the doctors!) on how to really fix acne!!” Shona, London

“I have spent many years not wanting to go out for fear that people will comment on my acne, having seen so many doctors about it and having tried antibiotics, Roaccutane and every medicated acne wash I could get my hands on, it left me frustrated and depressed. When I read the article in the Glasgow Herald I could have cried as I just didn’t have anyone to turn to about my acne. I have seen an incredible difference in my skin in the 3 weeks that you have been looking after me and I mean looking after. I know that I have emailed you loads of times  but at no time did you make me feel that I was pestering you, you always replied and this meant and still means so much to me. I know that it will take a bit longer to clear my skin completely but just to not have any big spots is amazing.” Jo. Glasgow

“Skin heaps better in just a week…so happy :-)” Ruth, London

“Incredible value for money”

“Incredible value for money, you have been so supportive. It just goes to show how much money is being wasted on laser treatment and medicated lotions, when the actual reasons behind acne are ignored or are not recognised, what you have told me is something that my own doctor should have known.” Kevin, Surrey

“Thank you so much for all your help. I couldn’t have got this far on my own and I’m very glad I contacted you. After reading the feedback about you on your site, I went to purchase an online consultation but just when I was just about to click the Buy button, I actually thought ‘What am I doing?’. I think when I told people that I was seeing an online nutritionist they thought it odd and unwise but I just knew it was the right thing to do. I read in your blog that sometimes you get tired of fixing the mistakes of doctors, which must be very frustrating, but if you stop, people like me will really feel it. I know all your clients are very grateful for your help. You help us treat our acne which has such an impact on our lives and at the same time you also educate us, improve our physical health and enable us to educate others.” Alysa, London

“Amazing results in just a short space of time and a lot easier than I thought it might be. I would like to offer my sincere heartfelt thanks to you Elaine for the time you have taken to understand my health problems as well as my skin. I know now that these are linked and thanks to you I now grasp better how my body works and this has helped me to help some members of my family to get well. I am so grateful to you.” Sally, Glasgow

“Huge confession time, Elaine – I was initially really, really skeptical of what you were saying. I think I’d been to every NHS acne consultant in the Lothians, plus the herbalist – all of whom had promised me perfect skin. I’m guessing you also know that feeling all too well. So… when Gran and I came to see you and you said the same, it was almost a case of “oh, here we go again, probably another huge waste of time and money” and similar (not entirely helpful) things. Something about it, though, rang true ( enough to get through that mountain of skepticism and actually give it a try) and I’m not even sure what that was. And now I’m seeing the results and the more I see the more I believe in what you’re telling me. I owe you a huge apology for being so cynical.” Laura, Edinburgh

“I am really going to miss your weekly support emails as they mean so much to me and have helped me immensely, I only wish I had come to you years ago; but you have saved me going on to take Roaccutane and who knows what long term side effects this would have caused so Thank You so much! My mum has also benefited from seeing you…I have also bought your book so that is our bible at the moment.” Sarah, Edinburgh

“Thank you for all your help, I have had acne for years and for my skin to have such an incredible improvement in so little time is just amazing. Its given me so much more confidence and I feel like myself again, no longer hiding behind a scarf! This has been life changing for me and i can’t thank you enough, I just wish i knew about you sooner before I wasted my time with the horrible drugs…you are a miracle worker!”  Claire, Dundee

“I had given up hope of ever eradicating my acne, but hearing you on BBC Radio Scotland’s Call Kaye programme opened my ears. One look at my photo told you what was causing my acne. One of the factors that contributed to my acne was my continual use of the contraceptive pill, something that I’d been prescribed by GPs who didn’t even take a proper look at my spots. The diagnosis you gave me  has been a huge relief – I know I can rid myself of it by following a specific diet and by taking the necessary supplements. My skin is slowly beginning to clear and is the smoothest it’s been in a long time. It’s been fantastic to have your support over the last few weeks, and to get advice from someone who knows what they are talking about. So thank you for doing what you do, and I wish you all the best with the future of your business.” Eileen, Isle of Skye 

“Dear dear Elaine, I received your book last Friday and only read the book halfway through. I already had success folowing your diet after two whole days! TWO days only!!!!!….I wish I knew about you in my teens!… I would like to thank you so much!!!! WOW you are amazing! And I will tell about you, your book and your clinic on forums. YOU ARE A DIAMOND! Thank you so much!” Shirley, London

“I always learn something good from you. I find that the information provided is very helpful and informative. It makes sense too. I salute you for being so persistent and consistent with your belief that the conventional way of dealing with acne does more harm than good to our skin health and keep on educating people on this information. I totally agree with you Elaine after being through so many visits to the doctor, taking so many prescribed drugs and using harsh chemical skincare. All these did not help me at all and I’m seeing the side effects now on myself…dry, thinned-skin and sensitive skin. I was so ignorant and trusting too much on the doctors for my own health. I wish I had known the facts earlier so that I had not wasted so much money, time and effort.” Mimi, Malaysia

My skin is looking the best it has in a long long time”

“My skin is looking the best it has in a long long time, I have no spots at all, the oiliness is still a problem but the last few days I’ve only used the Living Nature products and nothing else and I’m trying to be as gentle as possible with my skin, I actually think using so many different products over the years has caused this problem. Without a doubt best decision I made was visiting you. My health in general feels much better…wish I had found your website sooner that I did.” Donna, Lanarkshire, Scotland

“At long last someone who knows what they are talking about.” Lorna, Newcastle

“I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and your research and your diet! I’m really happy to have a clear chest after all these years.” Marie, France “

“Couldn’t have done it without you!” Isabella, Dublin

“I have to admit that I was dubious about my acne being caused by my diet as this was something that my dermatologist assured me was not the case at all and for you to suggest that it was, well that didn’t make sense to me. After speaking to you I learned so much about what my body does with the food that I eat and you made it so simple to see what was really causing my breakouts to keep happening. You have been so patient with me and I am now able to stop my skin from breaking out by continuing to follow the advice that you gave to me. My skin is so much better and now I know the damage that antibiotics can cause to my body I will only ever take these again if I really need to.” Pauline, Glasgow

“Having spent years (wasted years, if I may add) going back and forth to my GP I now have a clear understanding of what was causing the painful cysts to keep appearing on my chin. Your understanding of acne is quite amazing especially as I have read some books about it in the past and still couldn’t figure it out. I will continue to recommend your services.” Evelyn, Glasgow

“My biggest regret was ever taking medication for my acne. I am indebted to you for the time that you have taken to help me to clear my skin and get my health back on track.”  Jas. Cheshire

“Maybe you should re-name yourself ‘Elaine Mummery queen of spots’ as I do not think there could be anyone on this earth who could know as much about your subject as you do.” Ashley, Harrogate

” I am so grateful for all the hard work you put in to getting my skin looking better, it is now 90% better than it was when I came to you and I am confident that I will be able to stop the odd spot from appearing soon”. Michelle, Southampton

“The service you provide is fantastic” Gary, London

“Pleased with the results so far…so much better than I was 1 year ago, thanks to your sound nutritional advice on tackling acne.” Karen, Edinburgh

“It will be of no shock to you to learn that my dermatologist thinks your ideas are ‘airy fairy’. When I went back to show her my new clear skin, she didn’t really know what to say other than it must be a coincidence. Why does she not know what you know…odd. Anyway, thanks for your advice, it has been great.” Lynda, Ayrshire

“I am deeply grateful to you Elaine for the time that you have taken to answer all my questions, my skin has now healed and is looking better than I could ever have hoped.” Angie, Melbourne, Australia

 “I am going to tell everyone about your clinic to stop them from damaging their body the way I did with the antibiotics my doctor gave to me. If I knew how easy it could be to stop spots from coming up I would have come to you sooner, I thought you were going to give me some weird diet haha.” Zara, Leeds

“No horrible red lumps to look at, still cannot believe it!” Jason, Manchester

“Just wish I had came to see you 5 years ago as acne had ruined my confidence, with your advice I have cleared my skin within 10 days.” Eva, Glasgow

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Paul, London

“A truly professional service with a very balanced approach to nutrition.” Sarah, Dublin

“I went on holiday last week and wore a bikini for the first time! Back acne all gone, incredible!”  Carol, Wellington, NZ

“Sceptical at first (sceptical about most things) but you proved to be right. Good service.” Michael, Inverness

“Making the changes to my diet were easier than I thought and the results so much better than the medication my GP gave to me.” Paula, Glasgow

“My dermatologist told me that Roaccutane was my only hope yet you cleared my skin in 5 days, this leaves me confused as to why dermatologists are not handing out the same advice.” Ian, Birmingham

“I agree, what you are teaching is the best way to get rid of acne. I tried everything I could find and spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds looking for a cure and nothing worked. I am just relieved that I made the decision to call you.” Pete, London

“Excellent service, will recommend you.” Emma, France


“You have changed my life. I am so happy. Thanks a million.” Christie, Belfast

“You came well recommended and I am thankful that I contacted you, my skin is looking healthier than its ever looked before, I could never have done this without your support”. Ania, Gloucester

“If only I had been made aware of the consquences of the drugs (my daughter) had been using to treat her acne, I would never have allowed it. I like many mothers, I am sure, have been raised to trust my GP and on this occasion he has let us down. I am so thankful that I saw your article in my newspaper, my daughter is now on the road to recovery and we are delighted with how her skin is looking.” Julie, Essex

My skin is looking so much better, in fact my Grandmother even told me that my skin looked “beautiful” this week which I am sure nobody has ever said to me before. Thank you.” Tanya, London

“I talk about you non-stop to people (well everyone really) who have noticed the dramatic improvement to my skin….I’ll be in contact again very soon with pictures of my amazing new skin.” Alex, London

 “My skin looks fantastic. I just want to stop everyone with acne on the street and tell them about you.”  Emma, Glasgow

A revolutionary approach to acne

A revolutionary approach to acne

Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic established in 2007 working with over 1000 patients

"The research you are doing is unparalleled, and I've no doubt that it will be very readily received.  There are so many people who suffer these problems and who are never fortunate enough to find a practitioner with the right expertise - and who doesn't peddle pills - to cure it." Fiona, Glasgow

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Elaine Mummery

Elaine Mummery

Having had acne clinics in both Glasgow and Knightsbridge, Elaine Mummery now runs a virtual clinic from her home in France.