Do you feel different to the point that you struggle to fit in with your peers?

At my clinic over the years I have treated many people within the entertainment industry. Not all of these people have come to me with skin issues but rather have been recommended to me to allow me to increase their energy levels and to become more balanced mentally.

What I have found is that there is a feeling of being different. This feeling can often make a person isolate themselves because they feel they cannot fit in. This type of person is often bullied at school. They often choose to be by themselves. They are very self aware and sensitive to other peoples comments.

I find that these people are normally extremely creative, talented and intelligent but on the downside they experience mood swings, anxiety, nervousness, depression and sleep issues. They experience days when they have very low self esteem and constantly analyse themselves to other days where they feel they are on top of the world and are so much better than their peers. It is this feeling that looks to allow the person to take risks to achieve stardom. The downside however is that they battle between highs and lows.

To combat these feelings many turn to alcohol or drugs or go from relationship to relationship trying to find a way to feel good about themselves. Some are addicted to sex or gambling. Some take a more positive approach and sing about how they feel.

At times health issues can spiral out of control, addictions to pharmaceutical drugs, IBS, burning stomach, ulcerative colitis and the end result is a person very difficult to work with and to live with. In fact this type of person can find it difficult ‘just to be them’. They are easily overwhelmed yet strong. What makes it worse is that they feel they are mis-understood and this creates further anxiety.

So what is the cause?  What is the solution?

At my clinic, I work with hair analysis and blood testing. I choose these methods because I do not believe that our doctors do enough to uncover basic health issues that effect people who feel the way I have noted above.

What I have found is that in the majority of cases, my patients have an inability to retain sufficient sodium to clean their blood and to make stomach acid. This is often hereditary. Without stomach acid the person can absorb very few nutrients from their food and thus they become more and more deficient of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In time their health issues can spiral out of control because their body does not have the chemicals to allow it to function efficiently.

Amino acids for example are absolutely essential for good mental health.

Is a healthy diet enough to enjoy good health?

Now some doctors at this point say that a healthy diet is all that is required. However the majority of my patients have amazing diets and yet they are deficient in many essential nutrients due to their inability to produce stomach acid.

There is another side to this too. When the blood has insufficient sodium, it cannot absorb and balance blood sugar. This creates highs and lows.

An additional problem attached to this is low magnesium levels. All of my patients are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium calms the mind. Magnesium calms the adrenal glands. It allows us to relax, to sleep and to handle stress better. Stress and exercise use up magnesium and some of my patients have very little reserves already. Low magnesium can cause strokes and heart attacks. Magnesium deficiency is very serious.

I understand the above because I too felt different,which in turn allowed me to think differently, to study health with an open mind, to get myself well and to open a clinic that attracts people who think the same. An ability to think differently opens up avenues that allow the body to be healed naturally, at the deepest level possible.

The benefits to remaining open minded

The medical world has gone from understanding what nutrients allow the body to do what functions, to pushing this to one side and using manmade chemicals to produce the end result. The average person thinks that this is scientific progress when in reality it is far from it.   The medical world continues to flounder with mental health issues causing many children to experience miserable childhoods.

The ability to think differently and to remain open minded can open the doors to incredible health.



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A revolutionary approach to acne

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