A Clean Diet for Acne – Does it Work?

A clean diet for acne is often touted by alternative health practitioners to be the way forward. It makes sense. Indeed for some acne sufferers swapping junk food for a natural diet can see their skin clear and energy levels improve.

It may surprise you that 50% of acne sufferers who contact my clinic are already following a clean diet for acne, a diet with no gluten, no sugar, no dairy, no caffeine, no alcohol and no meat. They have expected their skin to clear and to feel fantastic but in reality they feel the same or maybe just a little better.

Why is this the case?

I say this time and time again  – what causes acne can differ from person to person – there is no ‘one solution’.

Common Symptoms that can go hand in hand with acne

For the patients that come to me already following a clean diet for acne, their skin and health problems go a lot deeper than changing diets.  For these patients they often have inherited poor health; common symptoms experienced in childhood can include, constant throat infections, ear infections, difficult concentrating, anxiety, difficulty in sleeping, social isolation and motion sickness. As the cause of these symptoms have never been addressed their list of health issues can grow and include, acne, bloating, intense hunger or burning in the stomach, stomach pains or cramps, constant fatigue, nausea, constant worrier, open pores, low energy levels, thinning hair, sore joints, mind racing.

When a child has been born with deficiencies and when these have not been addressed the body continues to lack the essential nutrients even if the person eats a very healthy diet. This is due to problems with their stomach that stops nutrients from being absorbed into the bloodstream.

The Importance of Treating the Underlying Root Cause

As GPs work with symptoms instead of treating the body as a whole many of these patients can end up taking a long list of drugs and yet  acne continues to come back and health problems remain.  This happens because the original cause of their health issues – deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids are never addressed.

At my clinic from time to time I do have to clean up my patients diet because their choice to eat junk food has caused other issues with their stomach, which has gone onto cause internal inflammation. For other patients I look to widen their diets because often they have ended up being on a clean diet for acne far too long and have lost their joy with eating and have become obsessed with additives preservatives, dairy, gluten etc.  It is easy to become obsessed with food or to become vegan and judge others harshly for eating meat when the body is unbalanced.

At my clinic we work towards balance and that means working with patients on an individual basis as only in that way can a patient achieve clear skin, quickly, naturally and safely.





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Fresh Approach To Acne Treatment

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Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic

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