It is peculiar as a society that we expect our children when they hit puberty to become moody, sayings such as ‘it is just their age’ or ‘they have too many hormones circulating’ can be hugely frustrating for the person being talked about. The truth is that not all teenagers are moody and many who are have simply got a few mineral deficiencies.

Over the years I have introduced zinc for many of my teenage patients.  I haven’t done this out of guess work as I don’t believe in guess work for my patients, instead I work with hair tests which accurately tells me if they need zinc or not and if so how much they need.

By working with accurate facts I can top my patients up with zinc and my goodness the difference they feel can be incredible.

One young girl who came to see me said it was like a sudden calm feeling followed by being able to access her brain without any brain fog.  Another of my teenage patients said it was the best feeling in the world.  Another one of my patients said that her teachers all noticed there was a big change with her and asked her what had happened and she said simply that she just needed zinc – the teachers noted that her eyes were now sparkling and she was able to pay attention in class.

Are you zinc deficient? Is your teenage child zinc deficient? Here are some of the symptoms to look out for:

Severe zinc deficiency

  • Small white spots on finger nails – note that for severe zinc deficiency there can be many white spots maybe up to 10 – this is the body crying for help!!
  • Cracks at the side of the mouth.
  • A collective group of red spots on the forehead that resemble a rash can often be caused by zinc deficiency – not always – but these relate to having blood sugar imbalances and often zinc is the missing key.
  • Poor attention span – fidgeting when trying to complete homework and showing signs of impatience and frustration at trying to understand their assignment
  • Lack of patience
  • Anxiety | irritability | mood swings

How to test and resolve zinc deficiency

The best form of zinc to take is Opti-Zinc or Zinc Citrate. Taking 17-20mg with food should hit the system fairly quickly and a difference can be felt within 10-15 minutes.  If this feels good then a hair test would be beneficial to see the exact deficiency and to ascertain how long to take zinc.

It is wise never to take large doses such as 50mg as this is simply too much.  Zinc is better taken in stages with breakfast, lunch and dinner rather than mega doses.

Zinc helps to balance blood sugar.

Zinc can be a problem for some

For some of my patients unfortunately whilst they have zinc deficiency, their stomach cannot tolerate it because they have damaged the lining of their stomach and zinc can cause irritation. Learning to balance blood sugar with reducing sugar intake and increasing fat and protein is often the only answer for these patients until their stomach lining has healed.  In this way zinc for some people can cause spots rather than clear the skin.

It is also important to note that zinc deficiency is NOT the cause of all acne.  It is however the cause of acne for some people.



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