Can you relate to this?

You get up in the morning and the first thing you do is check the mirror. You analyse your complexion, looking for spots, lines,  and generally concentrating on your faults. Maybe it gets worse if you have a long mirror and start to analyse your figure concentrating again on areas you are unhappy with?  Instead of concentrating on the day ahead and all the work etc you need to accomplish you have in a few minutes overloaded your brain with negative thoughts about how you look. In extreme cases, you may start to consider phoning in sick and staying home.

If you do decide to go to school or work you may start to believe that people on the bus or train are analysing you and possibly talking about you to their friends. You go home at the end of the day feeling ugly.

On other days, you wake up look in the mirror and despite the odd spot or line, you are happy with what you look like and can easily get on with your day.  What causes you to feel self aware one day and not another day?

It is good to be self aware to an extent as this allows us to ensure that we are clean, well-dressed and well presented allowing us to feel good about ourselves and have confidence. The problem is that in many cases that I see, my patients can be overly self aware, to the point of paranoia.  This is dangerous.  Being overly self aware can ruin your life and your relationships with other people.

What causes a person to be overly self aware?

I have found that this relates to imbalances within the blood.  The more acidic the blood is, the more self-aware a person can be.

To simplify this, the body needs to be able to get hold of various minerals to be able to naturally neutralise the blood.  Whether we have good levels of minerals relates to what we have inherited plus factoring in our diet as we grow up.

I work with blood testing and hair testing to allow me to pick up on imbalances and very quickly, sometimes within 20 mins a client can stop the self aware feeling because we have isolated and addressed the imbalance. My patient can now feel relaxed, calm, happy and the condition of the skin improves very quickly thereafter.

Extreme self-awareness especially to the point of paranoia is a serious health issue and yet it is one that can be quickly and easily addressed with the right tests and advice.





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Fresh Approach To Acne Treatment

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Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic

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