Cleansing milk

Cleansing Milk to Calm, Nourish & Repair


Specially designed for: super sensitive skin; skin which has been damaged due to the overuse of medicated lotions; delicate skin.

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Natural Skin Care to Calm, Nourish & Repair

The greatest (understandable) mistake made by many acne sufferers is to use harsh medicated products on their skin; if an acne skincare product was invented that cleared acne (like many falsely advertise) our clinic would not exist.

Many products designed for acne more often than not exasperate the problem. Many skincare companies opting for natural ingredients can often use citrus amongst their ingredients which can also exasperate the problem causing redness that resembles acne.

If your face is red after washing or applying any of your current products this is a clear sign that your skin is reacting.

The Elaine Mummery range is guaranteed to cause no irritation leaving the skin soft and clean without stripping. Our range is simple because cleansing and moisturising should be simple – whilst it is tempting to fuss with acne skin, the reality is the more you fuss the more you heighten the risk of exasperating the problem.

Acne is an internal issue – the best you can do from the outside is have a natural and simple cleansing routine. The Elaine Mummery Skincare products nourish and promote healing that is as much as you can ask of a skincare product.

Natural Skin Care Ingredients:

Vitamin E – Naturally healing

Witch Hazel – anti-inflammatory, mildly antiseptic and soothing

Our skincare has been tested on hypersensitive skin and is naturally non-comedogenic.

Dissolves make-up and impurities easily and quickly leaving the skin soft, moist and hydrated.

To Use: Add a small amount of our natural acne skin care cleansing milk into the palm of your hand, massage over your skin and rinse off with warm water. Use our bamboo face cloth with the cleansing milk to remove eye make up

Suitable for all skin types including hypersensitive skin

85% Organic Ingredients: Aqua, Ricinus Communis, Cocamidoprpropyl Betaine, Witch Hazel Glycerol, C14-22 Alcohol and C12/20 Alkyl Glucoside, Sorbitol, Tocopherol, Theobrama Cacao L.Benzoyl Alcohol and Salicylic Acid and Sorbic Acud and Glycerine, Myrica Gale, Cetyl Alcohol, Xantham Gum.


Suitable for vegan and vegetarians (and carnivores)


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"The research you are doing is unparalleled, and I've no doubt that it will be very readily received.  There are so many people who suffer these problems and who are never fortunate enough to find a practitioner with the right expertise - and who doesn't peddle pills - to cure it." Fiona, Glasgow

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Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic

Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic

Having had clinics in both Glasgow and London spanning over 9 years, Elaine Mummery is now working from home to allow her to concentrate on her new book. She continues to offer a limited number of Skype/Facetime consultations each month.