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_DSC8238cropcrSmall-1Welcome! My name is Elaine Mummery, if you are struggling to clear your acne or your child’s acne, why not set aside a few minutes and I will explain why this maybe the case.

A frustrated child

When I was growing up I had skin issues and a long list of health problems. I was a girl with low energy levels, had glandular fever at the age of 9 and regularly suffered from ear and throat problems. My parents took me to see the family GP numerous times and having exhausted what they had to offer I was taken to see many alternative health practitioners.

I am sad to say that I did not meet any health practitioner who was able to clear my skin or fix my health problems. Like many alternative practitioners, I became a practitioner to fix my own health problems. I had to dig very deep to uncover what was wrong with me and in so doing I discovered that my problems stemmed from inherited mineral deficiencies. This caused me to be unable to absorb nutrients from my food. I was deficient of magnesium which caused my constant throat and ear infections. I was severely deficient of zinc thus causing problems with my blood sugar. I was deficient in selenium which caused me to have an underactive thyroid. My inability to balance blood sugar caused a severe yeast infection. Slowly and surely I resolved all of these issues and achieved clear skin and perfect health.

Over the past 10 years of running my clinic, the majority of my patients experienced the same negative experience as myself and acne has gone into adult hood. Some patients have gone onto have acne into their 70s.  It is heartwarming however when parents seek a natural solution for their child at a young  age and I am able to resolve their skin and health issues at a young age.

Despite medical science proving that the body runs on vitamins, minerals and amino acids, in reality the mainstream medical system make very little attempt to find if their patients are deficient of any of these and instead use drugs to replace what the body really needs.

Many alternative health practitioners are no better. They often guess the problem and do not dig deep enough to find what their patients are really made up of.  It seems that there are not enough people who are prepared to think differently.

Incorrect advice as to the cause of acne stems from the lack of medical research and the belief in a theory

I created the Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic because my experience and my 25 years of medical research clearly told me that for the majority of health practitioners they have very little understanding of acne.  I can also categorically state that the information provided on the  NHS website as to the cause of acne is incorrect and is in fact a theory.

The fact is, that the body produces different spots in different places for a reason – so that a trained practitioner can identify the cause of these spots thus addressing the root cause of the acne problem.  In a similar way to how doctors identify and treat rashes. To this day, doctors and other health practitioners are given no training to treat acne in this way.

At the Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic, I (with grateful thanks to open minded doctors) have conducted the research required to clear skin at its root cause.  By using scientifically proven hair analysis along with specific blood tests I am able to correct underlying deficiencies. I understand and can remedy the health issues that have been caused by these deficiencies that have gone onto cause acne for each patient.

Fact – The cause of acne can differ from person to person

By treating my patients as individuals rather than treating all acne the same, each patient has a real understanding of how their body works and is able to use this knowledge to keep themselves healthy longterm.

I am offering you the opportunity to speak with me on a one consultation only basis. This allows me to listen to you and get to know you. To learn what type of spots are appearing, where they are appearing and how often. I will ask questions about how you feel, your mental health, if you have any other health issues.  When I have this information I will provide you with a detailed skincare plan.  This plan is easy to read and helps you to understand what you need to do to clear your skin. I work with you for 4 weeks until you see results. I will tell you everything you need to know.

I grew up with zero faith in the medical system.  Not one practitioner explained to me the cause of my acne. Not one practitioner asked me if I had any other health issues.  In truth I had a list a mile long.  I understand that the reason they did not tell me was simply because they themselves did not know.

The sad part is that opting to use antibiotics (like I did) gives a temporary relief from acne. These drugs however and all acne drugs alike damage the body. Failing to treat the root cause of the acne problem however is far more serious.

My research fortunately restored my faith in the medical world.

Doctors who have helped me to offer the best acne treatment

I am thankful to the doctors who have stood apart from the rest and have shared their research. Using their findings along with my own, I was able to offer my patients a unique solution to their acne problem. I would like to give thanks to:

Rick Malter pH.D

Andrew Hall Cutler, Ph.D.,P.E

Carolyn Dean, M.D.,N.D

Andreas Moritz

Patrick Holford

Jamie Kaufman, M.D

Jordan Stern, M.D

Dr Richard Schulze

Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D

Burt Bersonm M.D., Ph.D

Lawrence Wilson, MD

Michael T. Murray, N.D

Rick Malter, Ph.D

K.Seetharam Bhat, M.SC

Bhayani Belavady, D.SC

Trace Minerals, Inc

William J. Walsh, Laura B. Glab, Mary L. Haakenson (Pfeiffer Treatment Centre, USA)

I would also like to thank my patients especially in the early days when a degree of experimentation took place to allow me to categorise spots types. Also to Gustave H. Hoehn, M.D who wrote a book called ‘Acne can be cured’ in 1978. Whilst he was far from finding the right acne treatment his efforts and his sheer determination inspired me to open my clinic.

Poorly researched and misleading information continues to circulate

The majority of acne patients are looking for a quick solution. They opt to believe that all acne has the same cause. They are looking for the miracle drug, supplement or skincare product. They will spend £1000s in doing so. They may get clear skin for a while, go on You Tube and tell the world, only to find that acne comes back. Most acne patients will suffer from the health issues linked to acne all of their lives. Some will end up with stomach ulcers, under active thyroid, IBS, anxiety, depression, diabetes to name but a few.

My clinic therefore will only ever attract open minded individuals. Individuals who do not want to poison their body with drugs, or dry out their skin with strong products but instead want a real solution to their acne problem.

If you would like to treat the underlying cause of your acne, with the added bonus of enjoying great health,  please get in touch.

I closed my Glasgow and London clinics in 2014 simply because there was far too much stress attached to travelling. Instead I opted to move my family to France to live a quieter life. I continue to offer online consultations and once my French is better I will be consulting on a face to face basis in France.

With very best wishes

Elaine Mummery


Fresh Approach To Acne Treatment

Fresh Approach To Acne Treatment

Elaine Mummery offers a new and refreshing approach to clearing skin


"The research you are doing is unparalleled, and I've no doubt that it will be very readily received.  There are so many people who suffer these problems and who are never fortunate enough to find a practitioner with the right expertise - and who doesn't peddle pills - to cure it." Fiona, Glasgow

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Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic

Elaine Mummery Acne Clinic

Having had clinics in both Glasgow and London spanning over 10 years, Elaine Mummery has taken things easier and is working from her home in France. She continues to offer a limited number of Skype/Facetime consultations each month.