Acne Clinic Consultation

Elaine Mummery currently offers consultations by FaceTime, Skype or online (by email).


  • To request a consultation send us an email at or complete our contact form Please note that evening and weekend consultations are available upon request.  Alternatively, you can opt for an online consultation whereby all communication is conducted by email.
  • Once consultation dates have been agreed we will email to you a lifestyle form and a food diary.  We would ask that you complete these with as much information as possible and have these emailed back to us along with photos of the affected areas. Photos should be free from make-up.
  • Your consultation lasts for one hour, during which time your lifestyle form and food diary will be discussed to source the root cause of your acne.
  • During the consultation you will be given a clear explanation as to why spots are appearing. Elaine Mummery explains this in an easy to understand manner. Some patients have requested that a second follow up consultation be made available for further questions or to clarify specific points. This is now available – see below for more details.
  • Within 48 hours of your consultation you will receive by email a detailed skincare plan with easy to follow step by step instructions.  We do not promote life long restricted diets or products such as estroblock.
  • Elaine Mummery provides a 4-weeks online support service to ensure that you see results and fully understand your skincare plan.
  • In some cases it can take longer than 4 weeks for the skin to completely clear, this is especially the case if there are stomach issues that need to be resolved. We therefore provide a continued support and advice service for these patients who need to check in from time to time for support.

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One hour acne clinic consultation with Elaine Mummery via Skype/Face Time: £215.00.

Online acne clinic consultation, communicating with Elaine Mummery via email: £165.00.

Follow up consultation: £20.00 per 10 minutes

Online Support & Advice: £20.00 per week 

Payments can be made by Paypal, credit or debit card.


To book an online acne clinic consultation with the Elaine Mummery acne clinic, click here and you will receive a skincare plan and food diary within 24 hours. Once received your skincare plan will be processed within 7 days.


I would ask that the parent accompanies any client under the age of 18 and sits in on the Skype/Face time acne clinic consultation. This is especially important if there are any other health problems that need to be taken into account.